So Han Fan, owner of West China Tea Company, has expanded and rebranded his former teahouse Tea Spot along with partner Chris Caballero as Wēi Lóng Dòng Tea House. With the help of smTEAx and crowd-sourcing through IndieGogo, they were able to take a concept housed within Austin’s food and beverage collective, the Spider House Cafe, and turn it into a physical location.

[Wēi Lóng Dòng Tea House], which translates into “lofty dragon cave” in Mandarin, emphasizes Chinese teas and tea ceremonies. Fan firmly believes that tea brings communities together, which is the goal of the cafe. On deck are over 130 teas all sourced straight from the country used in accompanying tea ceremonies. Thanks to the new bigger space, there are non-alcoholic events and dance parties with the help of San Marcos-based tea collective smTEAx.

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Photo Credit: Wēi Lóng Dòng Tea House.