A Day Making Puer Tea on Jingmai Mountain

In the extreme south of China, only a couple of kilometers away from Burma, lies beautiful Jingmai Mountain. From the top of its 1600m elevation, the villagers wake to the rooster crowing and admire a sea of clouds covering the valley. As the sun rises, the village square comes alive. It’s early Spring in Jingmai; the skies are blue and the mornings are chilly. Some street vendors serve rice noodles to folks gathered along the busy streets. 7 AM. The tea pickers are ready to go to work. They carry a large bamboo basket on their back that contains a couple [...]

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Interview: Yunnan Sourcing’s Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson is an American who settled in Kunming China and founded the tea export company Yunnan Sourcing. He spends his days working on the floor of one of the largest Pu-erh trading centers of the world. How did you come to love tea? It all started with Yunnan. I traveled for about 5 months in Yunnan province in 1998-1999. At that time I started to drink Pu-erh and other Yunnan teas. I had this idea that I would try and introduce it people in the USA. I purchased and shipped back more than 80 kilograms of Pu-erh tea at that [...]

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