Darjeeling and the Rise of Gorkhaland

Darjeeling has officially shut down for business. Tea production has ground to a complete halt. The Darjeeling tea industry is set to lose 20% of their annual production and 40% of their annual profit, on the order of $50 million (3.4 billion Indian Rupees). Even if plucking was to resume right now, which is incredibly unlikely, the loss could not be recovered. The ongoing drama of the situation has led many to wonder: What is happening? And what does it mean for tea in Darjeeling? We’ve done our best to brief you on what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what that [...]

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Darjeeling Tea is in Trouble

Darjeeling... the picturesque mountainside tea growing region of India, home to 87 or so tea estates, known the world over for their quality high-altitude teas, faces a multitude of compounding problems that pose a serious threat to the region's tea industry. Darjeeling has been in the clutches of a drought since 2012. Each year, the workers and farmers of the region hold their breath to see whether the mist will come and the rain will fall. Each year, this looks increasingly unlikely. The rain comes very sporadically and if it comes at all, it tends to downpour, causing floods and eroding away [...]

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Vahdam Tea Raises $650K for Development, Expansion

Indian tea brand, Vahdam Tea has raised $650,000 USD from Angel Investors. The company is owned by 4th generation tea entrepreneur, Bala Sarda and shipped 15,000kg of tea in 2016. Vahdam prides itself in it's procurement if fresh tea sourced within 24-72 hours of production and shipped directly from India to customers around the world. Vahdam is set to go head to head with competitor, Teabox. "Vahdam Teas has raised USD 650,000 from a clutch of eminent angel investors including Kanwaljit Singh's Fireside Ventures, Mumbai Angels, Singapore Angel Network, Ananda Ladsariya, Ajay Pandey," the company said in a statement. Vahdam Teas said [...]

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