The 2017 Dutch Tea Champion Is…

The 2017 Dutch Tea Championship has concluded. As detailed in my last post, 14 contestants entered the preliminary rounds which included a submission video, written test, live tea preparation, and 20 blind tastings. After, there were four contestants left to compete in the finals. These finalists faced off on March 12 for the final prize. Their competitive rounds consisted of 17 more blind tastings, including a blind preparation, and a live tea presentation to be paired with a gourmet dish created by Jan Smink, one of the judges and the head chef of De Librije, a gourmet hotel and restaurant. Needless to say, this [...]

The 2017 Dutch Tea Champion Is…2018-05-15T08:40:32-05:00

The 2017 Dutch Tea Championship, An Introduction

I’m new to the world of Tea Competitions. Conceptually, I wasn’t even sure how one would work, but I knew that there were many out there to chose from, in multiple countries. When I started talking to my tea folks about them, it was suggested that a fun place to start (and one not previously covered on World of Tea) was the Dutch Tea Championship, a competition run by the International Tea & Coffee Academy in the Netherlands. And it begins in just over a week. Started in 2015, it’s a fairly new event that grew out of smaller events the [...]

The 2017 Dutch Tea Championship, An Introduction2018-05-15T08:40:32-05:00