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1801, 2018

Tea Production in Vietnam: A History and Evolution

By | January 18th, 2018|

Ask people where tea comes from and not many will immediately think of Vietnam. Yet, according to the most recently published UN FAO statistics, Vietnam was the sixth largest producer and fifth largest exporter of tea in the world. This disconnect reflects the country’s strategy of quantity over quality. As someone living in Vietnam who has had an interest in a tea [...]

101, 2018

The Official 2018 Tea Festival, Trade Show, and Conference Schedule

By | January 1st, 2018|

January January 20 – 21: Tea Festival India | Bangalore, INDIA January 27 – 28: Houston Tea Festival: Harry Teapotter and the Perfect Cuppa | Houston, Texas, USA February February 2 – 4: Toronto Tea Festival | Toronto, Ontario, CANADA February 9 – 11: Bologna Tea Festival | Bologna, ITALY February 18 – 20: Bangladesh Tea Expo | Dhaka, BANGLADESH February 22 – 23: UC Davis Global Tea Initiative 3rd [...]

3112, 2017

Tea for the New Year: A Brief History

By | December 31st, 2017|

In Japan, the mid-seasons are the most popular and lively of the year. Spring is marked by the sakura cherry blossom viewings during which everyone joins together to enjoy the gentle autumn breeze under one of the beautifully blooming trees. Every year, autumn brings people together to admire the reddening of the maple trees. For as long as we humans [...]

2812, 2017

2017 Year-End Tea Recap

By | December 28th, 2017|

2017 is coming to a close. We all expected great things for tea this year and I think it's safe to say that monumental things did indeed happen. Whether or not these were good things depends on whom you ask! We saw a lot of upheaval in the tea realm, perhaps more than any other year in recent memory. 2018 [...]

1112, 2017

2017 Tea Gear Guide

By | December 11th, 2017|

Yes, the end of the year is nigh and for those celebrating holidays (of any sort) it's the time to buy gifts. Whether you're the illustrious tea aficionado of your family or someone who just mentions in passing how much they love tea, chances are you've received some lackluster or altogether terrible tea gadgets. Hey, it happens to the best [...]

712, 2017

Tea Geek: A Brief Re-Introduction

By | December 7th, 2017|

My name is Nick and I’m a tea geek—self-proclaimed, perhaps, but self-identified for certain. Admittedly, I’m in no way sure of, nor particularly concerned with the origins of the term, though if it was you who coined it you should stand and take a bow—I’m all about it. Not because I find the G-word so immediately palatable as a card-carrying [...]

1911, 2017

2017 Tea Book Roundup

By | November 19th, 2017|

In this article, I cover 5 tea books that came out in 2017. Tea writers are raising the bar with each passing year and there are a few that came out in 2017 that will prove a valuable asset to your bookshelf. Three Basic Teas & How to Enjoy Them by Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace Virginia has been a longtime lecturer at the [...]

411, 2017

The Artisan Specialty Teas of Sri Lanka

By | November 4th, 2017|

While in Sri Lanka this past August, I got an in-depth look at tea production throughout the country and happened upon some fantastic handmade teas. 95% of tea produced in Sri Lanka is Orthodox Black tea made by machine, but there is a growing number of artisan specialty tea producers in the country. If this artisan production is met with [...]

510, 2017

The Results are In: 2017 Tea Masters Cup Finals

By | October 5th, 2017|

The 2017 Tea Master's Cup Finals took place September 25-27 in Enshi, Hubei China. 29 participants from 13 countries competed in 4 categories: Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing, Tea Mixology and Tea Tasting. The competition took place within the 7th International Tea Forum run by the CFNA (China Chamber of Commerce for Import/Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products). The [...]

410, 2017

A Day on the Road with the Spirit of Tea Tour

By | October 4th, 2017|

The Spirit of Tea Tour officially began this last Thursday, September 28. Unceremoniously, but with excitement and vigor, Spirit Tea conducted their Tea Dialing-In Workshop and later hosted a Matcha Latte Art Throwdown. I attended both and can gladly report that at least someone is talking about tea properly. Workshop I arrived at Steelhead Coffee in Long Beach, California that [...]

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