2019 Tea Book Roundup

In this article, I cover 8 tea books that came out since our last roundup in late 2018. Overall, it was a strong year for quality tea books and we're continually seeing authors raising the bar and introducing new concepts and information to our industry. This is key, as there are no doubt a number of books each year that are just re-hashing the same information we've read in other books. What's your favorite addition to the tea library this year? A Thirst for Empire: How Tea Shaped the Modern World by Erika Rappaport This book is the most well-researched book [...]

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How to Prepare for Tea Masters Cup USA 2019

For an introduction to Tea Masters Cup, see our announcement page. The purpose of this article is to give potential contestants the information they need to express interest in participation and to prepare for the competition itself. How to Participate Tea Masters Cup (TMC) includes competitions in four categories: Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing, Tea Mixology and Tea Tasting. In its inaugural year in the United States, Tea Master's Cup USA will hold competitions in 2 of the four categories: Tea Preparation and Tea Mixology. The competition will take place within the World Tea Expo on June 11 and 12th. A detailed [...]

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Tea and Esophageal Cancer Risk

The following is a statement authored by the American Specialty Tea Alliance's Board of Directors. Last week, a study claiming that drinking hot tea may double the risk of esophageal cancer was published which set forth a wave of media activity claiming that drinking tea causes cancer. First, it is important to know that the cancer risk exists when consuming any hot beverage, such as coffee, soup, hot chocolate, etc., not just tea. And second, know that the key word here is "hot" -- the increased risk of esophageal cancer in the most recent study was only seen when tea was [...]

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Announcing Tea Masters Cup USA 2019

I am extremely excited to announce that the American Specialty Tea Alliance has partnered with the World Tea Expo to hold the first U.S. national qualifying round of the Tea Masters Cup at the expo this year in Las Vegas! World Tea Expo will take place June 11 – 13, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and the competition will take place June 11 – 12 on the expo floor. I think that the start of the Tea Masters Cup competitions in the United States is a landmark movement and we’re thrilled to bring this event to World Tea Expo [...]

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2018 Tea Book Roundup

In this article, I cover 6 tea books that came out since our last roundup in late 2017. Overall, it was a strong year for quality tea books and we're continually seeing authors raising the bar and introducing new concepts and information to our industry. This is key, as there are no doubt a number of books each year that are just re-hashing the same information we've read in other books. What's your favorite addition to the tea library this year? The Life of Tea: A Journey to the World's Finest Teas by Michael Freeman and Timothy d'Offay This beautiful book [...]

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California Fires Destroy California Tea Farm

We've long known and supported the tea growing efforts of farmers around the USA trying to get tea going. Many have had successes, and you can read about all the current tea growing farms in the country here. One such farm is owned and operated by Mike and Donna Fritts, since 2010, pictured above. They’ve experimented with processing many styles of tea, apparently grown from descendants of tea planted in 1896 at the Wakamatsu Tea & Silk Colony. You could taste and buy their tea if you contacted them, or come to visit. Additionally, you could buy their tea from Tea Cozy, [...]

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The Second Spirit of Tea Tour with Spirit Tea and Marco

Tea Geeks, the time has come again! For those of you who knew about it last time, our Chicago-based friends Spirit Tea and beverage systems company Marco partnered up for a roving tea tour across these United States. Well, they've decided it was fun enough to do again, only this time through Texas, North Carolina, and New York City! What does this tour entail? Each location is divided into two segments: A hands-on seminar diving into how to accurately dial-in your tea brewing skills, led by Spirit Tea co-founders Taylor Cowan and Jordan Scherer, and then a Matcha Latte Art Throwdown. Last time, Scherer told me [...]

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The Official 2018 Tea Festival, Trade Show, and Conference Schedule

January January 20 – 21: Tea Festival India | Bangalore, INDIA January 27 – 28: Houston Tea Festival: Harry Teapotter and the Perfect Cuppa | Houston, Texas, USA February February 2 – 4: Toronto Tea Festival | Toronto, Ontario, CANADA February 9 – 11: Bologna Tea Festival | Bologna, ITALY February 18 – 20: Bangladesh Tea Expo | Dhaka, BANGLADESH February 22 – 23: UC Davis Global Tea Initiative 3rd Annual Symposium | Davis, California, USA March March 10 – 11: Coffee & Tea Festival NYC | New York City, New York, USA March 15 – 17: Russian Coffee & Tea Expo | Moscow, RUSSIA March 15 – 18: Thailand Coffee, Tea, & Drinks | Bangkok, THAILAND March [...]

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2017 Year-End Tea Recap

2017 is coming to a close. We all expected great things for tea this year and I think it's safe to say that monumental things did indeed happen. Whether or not these were good things depends on whom you ask! We saw a lot of upheaval in the tea realm, perhaps more than any other year in recent memory. 2018 will undoubtedly bring a lot of challenges too, but we'll be here to meet them. See below for our tea recap of the most interesting, perplexing, and shocking things to happen in 2017! (But first, check out the predictions we got [...]

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2017 Tea Gear Guide

Yes, the end of the year is nigh and for those celebrating holidays (of any sort) it's the time to buy gifts. Whether you're the illustrious tea aficionado of your family or someone who just mentions in passing how much they love tea, chances are you've received some lackluster or altogether terrible tea gadgets. Hey, it happens to the best of us! This is an attempt to remedy such poor tea gift giving. What better time to get a good friend or significant other into the grand world of tea with a well-suited gift? Similarly, what better way to get something [...]

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2017 Tea Book Roundup

In this article, I cover 5 tea books that came out in 2017. Tea writers are raising the bar with each passing year and there are a few that came out in 2017 that will prove a valuable asset to your bookshelf. Three Basic Teas & How to Enjoy Them by Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace Virginia has been a longtime lecturer at the World Tea Expo on the topic of the Organoleptic Analysis of tea. Most recently, she taught in the Nutritional Science Division at Cornell University, focusing on anatomy, physiology, nutrition, disease, mind and memory. She's applied this knowledge to tea in this [...]

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The Results are In: 2017 Tea Masters Cup Finals

The 2017 Tea Master's Cup Finals took place September 25-27 in Enshi, Hubei China. 29 participants from 13 countries competed in 4 categories: Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing, Tea Mixology and Tea Tasting. The competition took place within the 7th International Tea Forum run by the CFNA (China Chamber of Commerce for Import/Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products). The finals were judged by a panel of tea experts from around the world: Denis Shumakov from Russia, Tony Gebely (yours truly) from the USA, He Jie from China, Sharyn Johnston from Australia, Gabriella Lombardi from Italy, William Lee from Korea and [...]

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Meet the World’s Only Triple-Threat Tea Company

There I was, attending a swank cocktail party hosted by Brew Dr. Kombucha in West Hollywood on a hot July day, sipping on a “Marty Robbins” cocktail, talking to Marty Wall about the tea industry, kombucha, and spirits. The “Marty Robbins” is made with mint, lemon, Mint Lemonade Kombucha, and Tea Spirit No. 2 and is deliciously sweet. Marty Wall is a seven-foot tall, spectacled man who’s the Executive VP of Business Development for Brew Dr. Kombucha, and happens to also be sweet. Marty and I chat about the tea and coffee industry and commiserate at how difficult burgeoning products and [...]

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The Spirit of Tea Tour by Spirit Tea & Marco

Tea Geeks, heads up! Coffee lovers seem to get special events every week. Festivals, tastings, competitions… Now we have a tea event especially devoted to the tea geek within: Spirit Tea and Marco’s upcoming series of events across the Nation, The Spirit of Tea Tour. Chicago-based Spirit Tea is teaming up with the beverage tech company Marco and traveling West through Los Angeles, Denver, Portland, and Seattle to engage the community with an educational tea workshop and pose a dare with a Matcha Latte Art Throwdown. The first part of the Spirit of Tea Tour will be a hands-on seminar diving into how to accurately dial-in [...]

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150 Years of Ceylon Tea

Our very own Tony Gebely traveled to Sri Lanka from August 6 - 14 to cover the 150th Anniversary of Ceylon Tea. As a guest of the Sri Lanka Tea Board, he was given unfettered access to the events in Colombo, many of the country’s tea estates, and the Sri Lanka Tea Research Institute. This post is the first in a series covering his tea adventures in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was a major producer of coffee in the 17-1800s until the island nation’s coffee industry was completely wiped out by a disease known as coffee leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix). The [...]

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Darjeeling and the Rise of Gorkhaland

Darjeeling has officially shut down for business. Tea production has ground to a complete halt. The Darjeeling tea industry is set to lose 20% of their annual production and 40% of their annual profit, on the order of $50 million (3.4 billion Indian Rupees). Even if plucking was to resume right now, which is incredibly unlikely, the loss could not be recovered. The ongoing drama of the situation has led many to wonder: What is happening? And what does it mean for tea in Darjeeling? We’ve done our best to brief you on what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what that [...]

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Hands On: The Teforia Leaf

** Update: Teforia has closed its doors for good. See their website for the full statement. What follows is our original assessment of their second product, the Teforia Leaf. My first experience with Teforia was a visit to founder, Allen Han's workshop in 2015 where he showed me a prototype unit. As skeptical as I was, I gave Allen 5 grams of my favorite tea at the time, a Meizhan black tea I had sourced from Fujian Province. I had only been able to get two gaiwan steepings out of a 5 gram serving of this tea. Allen loaded the tea into his unit's infusion [...]

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The Tea Genome Revealed

For decades, the DNA encoded within the tea plant has remained a mystery. Now, the tea genome has finally been sequenced. Tea (Camellia sinensis) can don the DNA-decoded laurels along with dozens of the world’s most important crops, including two other distantly related caffeine-bearing cousins: coffee (Coffea arabica), sequenced in 2014, and cacao (Theobroma cacao), sequenced in 2010. The scientific paper which revealed this information, published May 1, 2017, is officially titled: The Tea Tree Genome Provides Insights into Tea Flavor and Independent Evolution of Caffeine Biosynthesis, Xia et al., Molecular Plant (2017) and you can read the whole paper here: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.molp.2017.04.002 [...]

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Microwaving Your Tea, The Controversy Explained and Refuted

The internet has been ablaze with a particularly nefarious news story typically titled something like, “You’ve Been Making Your Tea All Wrong!”. Are you sick of hearing this? Yeah, so are we. And not only because there’s no “right way” to make tea. I’m currently calling this topic the Microwaving Tea Controversy. The articles about this are usually titled something like, “Expert Claims Microwaving Tea Is Best!”, or “Microwave Makes the Best Tea Says Science”. The Microwaving Tea Controversy has excited dozens of news networks because it’s the perfect maelstrom of click-baiting buzzwords, science, consumer errors, lifehacks, outrage, a popular television [...]

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“Tea Master” No Longer an Accredited Job in China

As reported on their official website last December, the Chinese government has voted to abolish 114 state-certified professions from its registry of nearly 1,800. These newly un-permitted jobs include vocations such as "power equipment assembler", "refrigerator custodian", "reflective therapist", and sadly among them, "tea master". There are problems inherent in calling anyone a "master" of anything, especially with something as broad and infinitely-faceted as tea. My complaint, detailed painstakingly in the epically long article on Tea Sommeliers, is that there is no unification or standardization in tea education and as such, certification does very little to help the certified. It seems the [...]

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Nitro Matcha in a Can, Another First

Newly arrived is another first in the ready-to-drink tea beverage market: Canned Nitro Matcha. In keeping with tea experts' predictions for 2017, kegged tea, and specifically, nitrogenated tea, is already becoming big business. You can now find nitrogenated teas at cafes in every major city in America, a concept that would have been unthinkable just three years ago. Yet here we are, and the process of kegging and tapping drinks with a nitrogen tank has led innovators to experiment with canned versions. After all, how does one enjoy the silky smooth mouthfeel of a nitrogenated tea or coffee outside of a third-wave coffee [...]

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Darjeeling Tea is in Trouble

Darjeeling... the picturesque mountainside tea growing region of India, home to 87 or so tea estates, known the world over for their quality high-altitude teas, faces a multitude of compounding problems that pose a serious threat to the region's tea industry. Darjeeling has been in the clutches of a drought since 2012. Each year, the workers and farmers of the region hold their breath to see whether the mist will come and the rain will fall. Each year, this looks increasingly unlikely. The rain comes very sporadically and if it comes at all, it tends to downpour, causing floods and eroding away [...]

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Bristol Chai Coming to Montreal in April

The foursome behind the Montreal-based Camellia Sinensis-- Kevin Gascoyne, Jasmin Desharnais, François Marchand, and Hugo Américi, are brewing up a new venture with Gabriel Svaldi centered on masala tea. Svaldi previously worked at Camellia Sinensis for many years as tea house manager. The shop will feature a 12-seat bar serving 5 styles of masala tea slow-simmered in large copper pots and house-made pastries. Bristol Chai aims to be an alternative to the coffee shop take-out experience. From their Facebook Page (translated from French): "At Bristol Chai, we have no other purpose than to serve you chai according to tradition, but it [...]

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MatchaBar Opens New Location in Los Angeles

MatchaBar, New York City's matcha-exclusive tea bar/shop opened their newest location in Los Angeles this weekend.  Run by the Fortgang Brothers, Max & Graham, MatchaBar began as a caffeine-addiction turned reality. After falling in love with matcha, they began sourcing their product directly from a single family farm in Nishio, Japan. In 2014, they opened their first MatchaBar in Brooklyn and expanded to Manhattan in 2015. Shortly after, they created their own line of bottled matcha, available at markets in the greater New York area.  MatchaBar's first West Coast location boasts white brick and tile, outdoor patio seating, and new warm-weather friendly signature [...]

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La Colombe Coffee Announces Retail Tea Program

La Colombe is a specialty coffee roaster and retail chain founded by Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the time of this writing, there were 22 locations across the United States. You may recognize this name from the TV show Dangerous Grounds which aired on The Travel Channel wherein Carmichael travels to remote, often dangerous regions in the world searching for great coffee. Carmichael also holds the world record for the fastest solo journey across Antarctica to the South Pole, a 700 mile journey he completed in 39 days, 7 hours and 49 minutes. La Calombe tapped Alexis Siemons, [...]

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Kollo: The First Luxury Bottled Iced Tea

On a warm December day in Los Angeles, I sat down with Nicole Dean, the iced tea entrepreneur. She carried a sleek white triangular bag with black lace handles and a simple wire-thin letter “K” etched on the outside. The bag seemed more in line with products from Tiffany’s than from Twinings. Perfectly spaced in the three corners of the bag were three tall, sleek glass bottles of iced tea. Dean pulled them out and placed them on the table in a row. The bottle was adorned with a few sentences describing the tea, above which stood the same wire-thin letter [...]

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American Tea Room Reopens Beverly Hills Location

After a 15 month hiatus, American Tea Room's original Beverly Hills outpost is open for business. The 14 year old tea business owned and operated by David Barenholtz now has 3 locations, one in Downtown Los Angeles, one in Newport Beach's Fashion Island, and the original location in Beverly Hills. The Beverly Hills location reopens with the addition of coffee and juice service and is pursuing a liquor license to serve wine and beer, but the bulk of the floorspace is dedicated to retail.   Barenholtz "experienced a number of difficulties during the Beverly Hills renovation, going through 3 designs and the [...]

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Tea Tastes in 2017: A Forecast

A new year is upon us and the tea industry is rife with innovation, cheeky trends, and funky fads. We asked 7 tea folk from around the world what they see coming down the pike in 2017 -- here's what they had to say: Henrietta Lovell Owner, Rare Tea Company “I see a significant trend for 2017 and beyond in the rise of the conscious consumer. People have, for some time now, started to wonder what lies beyond the industrial bag. But real change is starting to happen as customers – especially online where they expect clear, transparent company information – [...]

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Available Now — Tea: A User’s Guide

The day has finally come, my book Tea: A User’s Guide is now available! The work is a result of my 10 years as a student of tea. As you may know, tea is one of those subjects where the more you learn, the less you realize you know. Because of this, I vowed not to write this tea book in a vacuum. Rather, core ideas were shared here on World of Tea along the way and you, the readers, helped me refine them. Finer points were scrutinized offline thru extensive peer review. Because of this, I can safely say that [...]

Available Now — Tea: A User’s Guide2018-05-15T08:40:33-05:00

The Official 2017 Tea Festival and Trade Show Schedule

There are a growing number of tea festivals, industry trade shows and conferences around the world. This list is an attempt to capture them all and it will be updated as more dates are released. If we have omitted an event that you are aware of, please reach out to us and we will add it to the list. Which ones are you going to? Be sure to chime in the comments below! January January 12-14: Bangladesh Tea Expo in Dhaka, Bangladesh January 21-22: Tea Festival India in Bangalore, India January 28-29: Toronto Tea Festival in Toronto, Canada February February 25-26: Southwest Tea Fest [...]

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The Capilano Tea House and Botanical Soda Company: Local Meets Global in a Tea Cup

On the exposed brick wall of The Capilano Tea House and Botanical Soda Company hangs a beautiful weaving. Woven by Squamish First Nations Chief Janice George and her husband Willard Joseph, the weaving blesses this new tea house located in Vancouver’s historic Gastown. Weaving by Chief Janice George The red in the weaving symbolizes owners Michelle and Paisley Nahanee’s connection to the Squamish First Nations. The pyramid pattern represents the mountains, not only of the North Shore but also the mountains around the world where tea is grown. The green represents the botanicals and teas used in their unique [...]

The Capilano Tea House and Botanical Soda Company: Local Meets Global in a Tea Cup2018-05-15T08:40:34-05:00

Sydney Tea Festival Expands to Melbourne

I ask you – what could be more exciting than announcing a tea festival? Announcing two! In mid-January, I had the privilege of meeting up with co-founders of the Sydney Tea Festival, Corinne Smith owner of Rabbit Hole Tea and Renee Creer owner of Perfect South Tea. As we sat sipping on beautiful teas at Corinne’s own tea establishment, the Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar in Sydney, the girls dropped a bomb shell on me! Sydney Tea Festival was launched in August 2014 and in its first year attracted around 5,500 tea enthusiasts. By August 2015 the Sydney Tea Festival in [...]

Sydney Tea Festival Expands to Melbourne2018-05-15T08:40:35-05:00

2016 Toronto Tea Festival Recap

January 30th and 31st, people from across the Greater Toronto Area flocked to see what tea is all about at the 4th annual Toronto Tea Festival. Founded in 2013, the Toronto Tea Festival is the largest event of its kind in Canada, and over 40 different companies showed up to sell their wares. There were independent vendors like festival founder Tao Tea Leaf; the dapper folks behind T by Daniel; newer Toronto-based sellers like Genuine Tea, Chaiwala, and Momo Tea; festival regulars like Capital Teas Limited and Basilur; and the national chain David’s Tea, among others. Ceramics vendors also made an [...]

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Australia’s Top Tea Houses and Tea Shops

Australia, that land down under, where just about everyone around the world wants to visit, study, work or just hang out! To learn about Australia, researching the guide books is a great way to find out where to visit, what to do and what you can expect to see, plus a few Australianism’s to help you blend in, like - “G’Day Mate.” A list of interesting creatures that you might be better off not playing with, great beaches, ancient mountain ranges, fascinating cities, awesome road trips, lovely locals, and great cafés, what more could you want? Well what about the tea? So we asked the locals [...]

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2015 Vancouver Tea Festival Recap

It was a perfect tea drinking day - cold, crisp, sunny. The 2015 Vancouver Tea Festival, held on November 21st at the Croatian Cultural Centre, hosted more than 3,500 attendees and featured 31 vendors from across British Columbia and the northwestern US. Exhibitors at the festival included: Thay Tea, The Tea Sparrow, The Tea Spot, Amoda Tea, Ichiyo’s Matcha Bar, Aromatica Fine Teas, The Teaguy, O5 Tea, JusTea, Steeped Tea-One Falling Leaf, The Chinese Tea Shop, The Tea Association of Canada, Oollo Tea, Davids Tea, Chado Tea House, Shaktea, Cultivate Tea, My Matcha Life, Young Mountain Tea, Sugimoto America, Trudy Ann’s [...]

2015 Vancouver Tea Festival Recap2018-05-15T08:40:35-05:00

2016 Tea Festival and Trade Show Schedule

January January 30-31: Toronto Tea Festival in Toronto, Canada   February February 14: Tea Lover's Festival in Los Angeles, California (USA) February 20-21: Houston Tea Festival in Houston, Texas (USA) February 27: Southwest Tea Fest in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) March March 1-3: Russia Coffee and Tea Industry Event in Moscow, Russia March 10-13: Thailand Coffee Tea & Drinks in Bangkok, Thailand March 17: Tea Masters Cup in Riga, Latvia March 19-20: Coffee and Tea Festival NYC in New York City, New York (USA) April April 5-7: Global Dubai Tea Forum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates  May May 7: Midwest Tea Festival in Kansas City, Missouri (USA) May 10-12: [...]

2016 Tea Festival and Trade Show Schedule2018-05-15T08:40:35-05:00

Is the Rooibos Supply Really Threatened?

Rooibos is a tisane made from the oxidized leaves of the Aspalathus linearus plant. The plant is native to South Africa and rooibos production is protected by a Geographical Indication. The Geographical Indication states that rooibos must come from the Western Cape's Cederberg region in a 20,000 square kilometer production area. Rooibos is a hardy dry land crop and is grown without irrigation, thus crop yield is directly correlated to rainfall amounts. The plant's main survival mechanism during extended periods of drought is it's large tap root that can reach down 3m into the soil. South Africa is currently seeing a [...]

Is the Rooibos Supply Really Threatened?2018-05-15T08:40:35-05:00

Tom Clemente Named President of Smith Teamaker

Smith Teamaker names a new president following the death of Steven Smith in March of 2015. Today the company announced that Tom Clemente is joining the company as President. Clemente arrives as Smith prepares to open the doors to its new Portland headquarters and tasting room in SE Portland on December 2, 2015. Clemente is no stranger to tea, having led the sales organization at Tazo Tea after its acquisition by Starbucks. At Tazo, Clemente met and worked alongside Steven Smith and other future members of the Smith leadership team. Prior to Tazo, he worked on the successful launch of Starbucks packaged coffee [...]

Tom Clemente Named President of Smith Teamaker2018-05-15T08:40:35-05:00

World Tea Expo 2015 Highlights

World Tea Expo here in Long Beach has been a blast! From the moment James Norwood Pratt cut the ribbon, it's been an action packed expo. There were a few stand-out exhibitors and sessions that are worth mentioning but the best part about these events is being together with thousands of fellow tea-lovers. I cover some of my favorite things from the expo below. To see more photos and happenings, check out my Instagram feed. The Need for Standards in Specialty Tea A much anticipated panel moderated by Austin Hodge starring Dan Bolton, Kevin Gascoyne, Jennifer English, Elyse Petersen, and Anshuman Kanoria. [...]

World Tea Expo 2015 Highlights2018-05-15T08:40:36-05:00

The United States League of Tea Growers

The United States League of Tea Growers had it's founding meeting on June 8, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the World Tea Expo. The meeting was attended by several tea growers and many influential people in the tea industry. Nigel Melican and Jason McDonald headed up the meeting in hopes to get a group together for: Building up plant husbandry knowledge Developing best practice processing know-how Developing appropriate automation Product and process innovation Trials related to US conditions Access to cultivars specific to US requirements Generic promotion of US grown teas Collaboration and information sharing Access to information resources Development [...]

The United States League of Tea Growers2018-05-15T08:40:36-05:00

Tea for iPhone Now Available

iPhone Developer Sam Iglesias (@siglesias) announced today that Tea for iPhone (@teaapp) has been released in Appleʼs iTunes App Store. Tea for iPhone is a new iOS application that gives tea drinkers a convenient way to store their tasting notes and brew settings, with simple one-tap sharing for Facebook and Twitter. Tea also has a built in timer that remembers settings for all inputted teas as well as an Inventory Tracker that automatically calculates how many brews are remaining of each tea. Tea also recognizes over 700 tea names and 15 tea types to provide temperature and steep time suggestions. “The idea for Tea came a while back [...]

Tea for iPhone Now Available2018-05-15T08:40:50-05:00

World Tea Expo 2010

This year, I was lucky enough to go to the World Tea Expo in Vegas. It was a great chance to meet a lot of tea friends that I've been talking to online since the birth of this website over a year ago. This year many authors spoke, many tea growers has booths, it was a great way to see the directions the industry is going. I saw many more tea growers than I saw middle-men importers - this really excited me as I believe the future of our industry lies in buying tea directly from farmers in tea producing countries. [...]

World Tea Expo 20102018-05-15T08:40:50-05:00

Open for business: Chicago Tea Garden…

I am proud to announce that Chicago Tea Garden is finally open for business. We have 9 teas from David Lee Hoffman's Phoenix Collection to start and some local tea-ware from Chicago Potter -- Chris Chaney. Lainie Petersen has written a wonderful article on us as the Chicago Tea Examiner, see it here. The Little Yellow Teapot also wrote an article about our opening: here. I chose to sell David Lee Hoffman's teas to start for a few reasons... the man is a pioneer in the tea industry. He has relationships with farmers all over China and has been granted unprecedented [...]

Open for business: Chicago Tea Garden…2018-05-15T08:40:51-05:00

Want a job in the tea industry? Move to India.

View the World of Tea Job Board This informative article from DNA India has some interesting insight to tea industry jobs in India ... see the full post here: "There are a variety of jobs one can specialise in, within the tea industry. Tea tasting is one of the highly specialised areas of work. Research, plantation management, tea brokerage and consultancy are some of the other areas which can be specialized. One can work as a factory manager. The work involves supervision of all plantation work right from planting, plucking, processing to packing and transport of tea to auction houses. Beginners [...]

Want a job in the tea industry? Move to India.2018-05-15T08:40:51-05:00