About William Osmont

William Osmont has been in the tea business since 2010. With his wife, Yubai, he currently runs a small tea factory on Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan and two online tea shops: www.farmer-leaf.com based in China, and www.bannacha.com based in France. William and Yubai have recently created their own brand of Jingmai Pu-erh tea cakes called Jing Yu Tian Xiang.

A Day Making Puer Tea on Jingmai Mountain

In the extreme south of China, only a couple of kilometers away from Burma, lies beautiful Jingmai Mountain. From the top of its 1600m elevation, the villagers wake to the rooster crowing and admire a sea of clouds covering the valley. As the sun rises, the village square comes alive. It’s early Spring in Jingmai; the skies are blue and the mornings are chilly. Some street vendors serve rice noodles to folks gathered along the busy streets. 7 AM. The tea pickers are ready to go to work. They carry a large bamboo basket on their back that contains a couple [...]

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