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Tony has been studying tea for over ten years and has traveled to many tea producing regions throughout Asia. His book, "Tea: A User's Guide" is available now.

2018 Tea Book Roundup

In this article, I cover 6 tea books that came out since our last roundup in late 2017. Overall, it was a strong year for quality tea books and we're continually seeing authors raising the bar and introducing new concepts and information to our industry. This is key, as there are no doubt a number of books each year that are just re-hashing the same information we've read in other books. What's your favorite addition to the tea library this year? The Life of Tea: A Journey to the World's Finest Teas by Michael Freeman and Timothy d'Offay This beautiful book [...]

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2018 Tea Outlook

A new year is upon us and the tea industry is rife with innovation, cheeky trends, and funky fads. We asked 11 tea folk from around the world what they see coming down the pike in 2018 -- here's what they had to say: Ms. Yu Lu Vice President of the China Chamber of Commerce of I&E of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products (CFNA) “I think in 2018 there will be steady growth in export volume and value of tea in China. Regarding the increase in export volume, there are a few key figures that I can share. According to [...]

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2017 Tea Book Roundup

In this article, I cover 5 tea books that came out in 2017. Tea writers are raising the bar with each passing year and there are a few that came out in 2017 that will prove a valuable asset to your bookshelf. Three Basic Teas & How to Enjoy Them by Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace Virginia has been a longtime lecturer at the World Tea Expo on the topic of the Organoleptic Analysis of tea. Most recently, she taught in the Nutritional Science Division at Cornell University, focusing on anatomy, physiology, nutrition, disease, mind and memory. She's applied this knowledge to tea in this [...]

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The Artisan Specialty Teas of Sri Lanka

While in Sri Lanka this past August, I got an in-depth look at tea production throughout the country and happened upon some fantastic handmade teas. 95% of tea produced in Sri Lanka is Orthodox Black tea made by machine, but there is a growing number of artisan specialty tea producers in the country. If this artisan production is met with overseas demand, it's a sector of the Sri Lankan Tea industry that is sure to grow. In this article, I'll share with you my experiences sampling a selection of teas from Lumbini Tea Valley and Glenwood Reserve. Lumbini Tea Valley Chaminda [...]

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The Results are In: 2017 Tea Masters Cup Finals

The 2017 Tea Master's Cup Finals took place September 25-27 in Enshi, Hubei China. 29 participants from 13 countries competed in 4 categories: Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing, Tea Mixology and Tea Tasting. The competition took place within the 7th International Tea Forum run by the CFNA (China Chamber of Commerce for Import/Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products). The finals were judged by a panel of tea experts from around the world: Denis Shumakov from Russia, Tony Gebely (yours truly) from the USA, He Jie from China, Sharyn Johnston from Australia, Gabriella Lombardi from Italy, William Lee from Korea and [...]

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150 Years of Ceylon Tea

Our very own Tony Gebely traveled to Sri Lanka from August 6 - 14 to cover the 150th Anniversary of Ceylon Tea. As a guest of the Sri Lanka Tea Board, he was given unfettered access to the events in Colombo, many of the country’s tea estates, and the Sri Lanka Tea Research Institute. This post is the first in a series covering his tea adventures in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was a major producer of coffee in the 17-1800s until the island nation’s coffee industry was completely wiped out by a disease known as coffee leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix). The [...]

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Hands On: The Teforia Leaf

** Update: Teforia has closed its doors for good. See their website for the full statement. What follows is our original assessment of their second product, the Teforia Leaf. My first experience with Teforia was a visit to founder, Allen Han's workshop in 2015 where he showed me a prototype unit. As skeptical as I was, I gave Allen 5 grams of my favorite tea at the time, a Meizhan black tea I had sourced from Fujian Province. I had only been able to get two gaiwan steepings out of a 5 gram serving of this tea. Allen loaded the tea into his unit's infusion [...]

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List of Tea Producing Countries in the World

Being World of Tea, we have identified the following list of 62 tea producing countries across the globe. This is as complete a list as we've been able to make. To be included, a country must have at least one functioning commercial tea plantation or have been represented in the press about a tea growing operation. Argentina Argentina is the tenth largest producer of tea in the world and the largest tea producer in South America. Australia Tea has been grown in Queensland, Australia since 1884. Today, there are a number of commercial gardens in the states of Queensland, New South [...]

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Where Tea is Grown

We have identified the following list of 61 tea producing countries across the globe. To be included, a country must have at least one functioning commercial tea plantation. Argentina Argentina is the tenth largest producer of tea in the world and the largest tea producer in South America. Australia Tea has been grown in Queensland, Australia since 1884. Today, there are a few small gardens remaining in Queensland as well as a commercial producer of Japanese-style green tea in Victoria. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan is the fortieth largest producer of tea in the world. Bangladesh Bangladesh is the twelfth largest producer of tea [...]

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The Oolong Compendium

The word Wulong translates to black dragon. The proper pinyin is wūlóng (乌龙), but oolong (a haphazard transliteration) has become the most popular spelling in the West. Wulong leaves are semi-oxidized. This means that during production, oxidation is initiated, controlled and halted at some point before the leaves are considered fully oxidized. This is why you will often hear wulong described as being in between green tea and black tea. However, as with many things in the world of tea, it is more complicated than this. A distinct step in the processing of traditional wulong tea is the bruising step (also [...]

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Exploring the Teas of Sichuan and Fujian with Jeff Kovac

Jeff Kovac is an instructor and lecturer for the Tea Association of Canada and owner of Four Seasons Tea Co. His tea life began while he was working in Sichuan Province. He studied tea there under tea arts master Lu Xing Chen. Jeff has gained unparalleled access to some of the highest grades of tea from China's Sichuan and Fujian Provinces. Teas of this quality are rarely found in the West. Because of the rarity of these teas that are often quickly snatched up by wealthy locals, Jeff sells most of his collection in small 5-10g packets to keep them affordable. [...]

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Satemwa, an Orthodox Tea Producing Estate in Malawi

Satemwa is a family-run tea and coffee estate located in the southern portion of Malawi in East Africa. The estate was founded in 1923 by a Scotsman named Maclean Kay. The garden is now run by his grandson, Alexander Kay. Satemwa is one of the last family-owned tea estates in the region, as most have been purchased by huge companies looking to produce commodity tea. I recently had a chance to try many of the beautiful teas that are produced at Satemwa and speak with Wouter Verelst who heads up Marketing & Business Development for the estate. Here are some highlights from our conversation: When [...]

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What is Puer Tea?

More than just an exoticism, Puer tea has seen a dramatic rise in the Western market. Despite the hype and fluctuating prices, Puer still remains some of the most expensive tea in China. So, what exactly is Puer tea? Puer, or 普洱 (pǔ ěr), is a type of fermented tea from China's Southwestern Yunnan Province. It comes in two styles: Sheng (or raw) Puer, which is allowed to naturally ferment over time by aging, and Shu (or cooked) Puer, which utilizes a wet-piling process to speed up fermentation. To be considered a Puer, the tea leaves must be grown in Yunnan and must be from [...]

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The Moonlit Tea Garden: A Conversation with the Founders of Jun Chiyabari

Jun Chiyabari is one of the most recognized names in Nepal's tea industry. The high mountain tea garden was started by two brothers, Lochan and Bachan Gyawali. I've been enjoying teas from their garden since 2010 and they just keep getting better with each passing year. It would be a mistake to compare their teas to those from Darjeeling -- Jun Chiyabari is truly in a league of it's own. Recently I spoke at length with Bachan and Lochan about their garden, how they got started, their tea making philosophy and what the future holds for Jun Chiyabari. Enjoy! How did [...]

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Bristol Chai Coming to Montreal in April

The foursome behind the Montreal-based Camellia Sinensis-- Kevin Gascoyne, Jasmin Desharnais, François Marchand, and Hugo Américi, are brewing up a new venture with Gabriel Svaldi centered on masala tea. Svaldi previously worked at Camellia Sinensis for many years as tea house manager. The shop will feature a 12-seat bar serving 5 styles of masala tea slow-simmered in large copper pots and house-made pastries. Bristol Chai aims to be an alternative to the coffee shop take-out experience. From their Facebook Page (translated from French): "At Bristol Chai, we have no other purpose than to serve you chai according to tradition, but it [...]

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La Colombe Coffee Announces Retail Tea Program

La Colombe is a specialty coffee roaster and retail chain founded by Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the time of this writing, there were 22 locations across the United States. You may recognize this name from the TV show Dangerous Grounds which aired on The Travel Channel wherein Carmichael travels to remote, often dangerous regions in the world searching for great coffee. Carmichael also holds the world record for the fastest solo journey across Antarctica to the South Pole, a 700 mile journey he completed in 39 days, 7 hours and 49 minutes. La Calombe tapped Alexis Siemons, [...]

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American Tea Room Reopens Beverly Hills Location

After a 15 month hiatus, American Tea Room's original Beverly Hills outpost is open for business. The 14 year old tea business owned and operated by David Barenholtz now has 3 locations, one in Downtown Los Angeles, one in Newport Beach's Fashion Island, and the original location in Beverly Hills. The Beverly Hills location reopens with the addition of coffee and juice service and is pursuing a liquor license to serve wine and beer, but the bulk of the floorspace is dedicated to retail.   Barenholtz "experienced a number of difficulties during the Beverly Hills renovation, going through 3 designs and the [...]

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Vahdam Tea Raises $650K for Development, Expansion

Indian tea brand, Vahdam Tea has raised $650,000 USD from Angel Investors. The company is owned by 4th generation tea entrepreneur, Bala Sarda and shipped 15,000kg of tea in 2016. Vahdam prides itself in it's procurement if fresh tea sourced within 24-72 hours of production and shipped directly from India to customers around the world. Vahdam is set to go head to head with competitor, Teabox. "Vahdam Teas has raised USD 650,000 from a clutch of eminent angel investors including Kanwaljit Singh's Fireside Ventures, Mumbai Angels, Singapore Angel Network, Ananda Ladsariya, Ajay Pandey," the company said in a statement. Vahdam Teas said [...]

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Tea Tastes in 2017: A Forecast

A new year is upon us and the tea industry is rife with innovation, cheeky trends, and funky fads. We asked 7 tea folk from around the world what they see coming down the pike in 2017 -- here's what they had to say: Henrietta Lovell Owner, Rare Tea Company “I see a significant trend for 2017 and beyond in the rise of the conscious consumer. People have, for some time now, started to wonder what lies beyond the industrial bag. But real change is starting to happen as customers – especially online where they expect clear, transparent company information – [...]

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2016 Tea Book Roundup

In this article, I cover 6 tea books that came out in 2016. Tea writers are raising the bar with each passing year and there are a few (including my own) that came out in 2016 that will prove a valuable asset to your bookshelf (or kindle). Tea-Spiration: Inspirational Words for Tea Lovers by Lu Ann Pannunzio Written by fellow tea-nerd and blogger at The Cup of Life, Lu Ann Pannunzio, Tea-spiration is a 135 page beautifully illustrated and designed walk through Lu Ann's rituals surrounding tea. Pannunzio guides the reader though the many emotions that can be evoked by the tea experience using her own experiences as [...]

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Available Now — Tea: A User’s Guide

The day has finally come, my book Tea: A User’s Guide is now available! The work is a result of my 10 years as a student of tea. As you may know, tea is one of those subjects where the more you learn, the less you realize you know. Because of this, I vowed not to write this tea book in a vacuum. Rather, core ideas were shared here on World of Tea along the way and you, the readers, helped me refine them. Finer points were scrutinized offline thru extensive peer review. Because of this, I can safely say that [...]

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Guide to Good Tea in the Bay Area

You may not be aware, but the Bay Area is a hotbed of tea culture, nowhere else in the states can seem to support such a slew of high-end tea shops. What set the stage for such a great tea-scene? Well nearly a quarter of people in the Bay Area are of Asian descent and in the 1990s, David Lee Hoffman and Roy Fong began importing Chinese teas, the likes of which Americans hadn't seen. Since then, specialty tea has spread across the United States but the Bay Area still has the largest collection of high-end tea shops. Let's dig into [...]

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The Official 2017 Tea Festival and Trade Show Schedule

There are a growing number of tea festivals, industry trade shows and conferences around the world. This list is an attempt to capture them all and it will be updated as more dates are released. If we have omitted an event that you are aware of, please reach out to us and we will add it to the list. Which ones are you going to? Be sure to chime in the comments below! January January 12-14: Bangladesh Tea Expo in Dhaka, Bangladesh January 21-22: Tea Festival India in Bangalore, India January 28-29: Toronto Tea Festival in Toronto, Canada February February 25-26: Southwest Tea Fest [...]

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Nuances of Tea Classification

A tea processing chart refers to a chart that shows the processing steps that different tea types go through after being plucked and before they reach your cup. Tea processing charts have been essential items in the toolbelt of tea educators for years. However, nearly every processing chart that exists today excludes many styles of tea and sometimes entire types of tea. I posted the first version of my tea processing chart here on World of Tea in 2013. Since then, I have made countless edits to it in an effort to create an easily understandable tool for tea education. Early [...]

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Tea Processing Chart

Tea processing is the most important quantifier when determining or producing a tea type. Green tea, yellow tea, white tea, wulong tea, black tea and post-fermented teas all begin as fresh Camellia sinensis leaves and go through different processing steps. While there are an infinite number of variations that result in an infinite number of tea styles, the same underlying processing methodologies largely define the tea's type. There are many tea processing charts that attempt to accurately depict the tea process, but many of them add unnecessary levels of complexity, or skip steps. The goal here was to depict very general [...]

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Tea Authenticity and Geographical Indications

You may be wondering why teas named after their origin or teas that are unique to their origin are not protected by law. Such protection exists for France’s Champagne and Italy’s Parmigiano-Reggiano, but does origin-specific tea get the same protection? Counterfeit tea is a huge plague to the industry, in fact, there is much more Darjeeling tea on the market each year than is actually produced. Some protection for tea does exist, but the means for protection must be set up by an association or certifying body and once it is set up, it is difficult if not impossible to enforce. The [...]

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Becoming Wu De: A Conversation with the founder of Global Tea Hut

Aaron Fisher was born and raised in Ohio in the United States. He studied Asian Philosophy and Anthropology in college. During his freshman year, he got into tea and meditation. After college, Aaron moved to Asia where he has resided for 20 years now. He has written several books on tea. He founded Global Tea Hut, a successful print magazine that ships with a new sample of tea each month that he and his team has sourced and the Tea Sage Hut, a free center in Taiwan that has been providing free tea education and meditation lessons for the past 6 years. [...]

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Zhang Ping Shui Xian Production in Photos

Zhang Ping Shui Xian (漳平水仙) refers to a style of compressed oolong made from the Shui Xian cultivar of Camellia sinensis. The tea is produced in Zhang Ping, Fujian Province. Below is a gallery that outlines the production of this tea style in photos. Thanks to Chenggui Wang (王城贵)for providing these photos. Click any of the images below to open the gallery view.

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Kinetics of Steeping Tea

Steeping is the final step in the lives of tea leaves. And in their final act, the they slowly unfold and unravel, creating a beverage that tells the story of where they came from, what the weather was like before they were plucked, and how they were handled, processed, and stored before they reached your cup. Tea as a beverage is most commonly made by infusing tea leaves in a solvent (water) to make a solution wherein the solute (what’s being dissolved into the water) is made up of the soluble compounds within the tea leaves. What we end up with [...]

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Badass Tea Instagrammers of Russia, Latvia, and Belarus

This post features some of the coolest folks I've discovered on Instagram from Russia, Latvia and Belarus. Enjoy! https://www.instagram.com/p/7vi7Lqw-CR/ https://www.instagram.com/p/5HfzoLsv_H/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BBmkNojMv8A/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BAmDr9PMv5M/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BAUbI_jl-Vf/ https://www.instagram.com/p/oOHM9el-e2/ https://www.instagram.com/p/7Nqtm_DCFM/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BBvKI8wl2ko/ https://www.instagram.com/p/66-gi0DCDA/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BBUl2pwLwwd/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BBPmKeHLw3K/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BBryLmMw-N2/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BAhRxX8rw1k/ https://www.instagram.com/p/_4uN-vHaok/ https://www.instagram.com/p/zUIRkKHag3/ https://www.instagram.com/p/8SZ39-naum/ https://www.instagram.com/p/73G37IiLJM/ https://www.instagram.com/p/5MmCXBQ-MX/ https://www.instagram.com/p/_9ZNubCLDm/ https://www.instagram.com/p/mpVz-7iLCP/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BBrzJLMnPIa/ https://www.instagram.com/p/9T3qBuRJOk/ https://www.instagram.com/p/4_nrJONmtK/ https://www.instagram.com/p/47QeYww-Pi/ https://www.instagram.com/p/3VhQVsp4AA/

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Tea Masters Cup: An Exposé

Tea preparation in Russia and several countries in Eastern Europe is sophisticated. Tea there is treated as more of a craft much like third-wave coffee is being treated in the United States. It's amazing to see how tea culture has progressed in a different way than it has in the United States. One great example of this progression can be found within an organization called Tea Masters Cup. I’ve been following the organization for several months now, speaking to it’s organizers and to winners of the cup. Tea Master's Cup has been occurring yearly since the first event in Moscow in 2013. The growing event draws large crowds, sometimes [...]

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2016 Tea Festival and Trade Show Schedule

January January 30-31: Toronto Tea Festival in Toronto, Canada   February February 14: Tea Lover's Festival in Los Angeles, California (USA) February 20-21: Houston Tea Festival in Houston, Texas (USA) February 27: Southwest Tea Fest in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) March March 1-3: Russia Coffee and Tea Industry Event in Moscow, Russia March 10-13: Thailand Coffee Tea & Drinks in Bangkok, Thailand March 17: Tea Masters Cup in Riga, Latvia March 19-20: Coffee and Tea Festival NYC in New York City, New York (USA) April April 5-7: Global Dubai Tea Forum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates  May May 7: Midwest Tea Festival in Kansas City, Missouri (USA) May 10-12: [...]

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2015 Tea Book Roundup

In this article, I cover 9 tea books that came out in 2015. Tea writers are raising the bar with each passing year and there are a few that came out in 2015 that will prove a valuable asset to your bookshelf (or kindle). Hopefully my own book will be in this list next year.  The Art and Craft of Tea: An Enthusiast's Guide to Selecting, Brewing, and Serving Exquisite Tea by Joseph Wesley Uhl This book, authored by the man behind Joseph Wesley Black Tea, an online tea shop out of Detroit is one of the shining stars of 2015. The [...]

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Is the Rooibos Supply Really Threatened?

Rooibos is a tisane made from the oxidized leaves of the Aspalathus linearus plant. The plant is native to South Africa and rooibos production is protected by a Geographical Indication. The Geographical Indication states that rooibos must come from the Western Cape's Cederberg region in a 20,000 square kilometer production area. Rooibos is a hardy dry land crop and is grown without irrigation, thus crop yield is directly correlated to rainfall amounts. The plant's main survival mechanism during extended periods of drought is it's large tap root that can reach down 3m into the soil. South Africa is currently seeing a [...]

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Tom Clemente Named President of Smith Teamaker

Smith Teamaker names a new president following the death of Steven Smith in March of 2015. Today the company announced that Tom Clemente is joining the company as President. Clemente arrives as Smith prepares to open the doors to its new Portland headquarters and tasting room in SE Portland on December 2, 2015. Clemente is no stranger to tea, having led the sales organization at Tazo Tea after its acquisition by Starbucks. At Tazo, Clemente met and worked alongside Steven Smith and other future members of the Smith leadership team. Prior to Tazo, he worked on the successful launch of Starbucks packaged coffee [...]

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The Definitive Guide to Tea Cocktails

The following is an interview I conducted with my good friend, Tyler Fry. Tyler is a bartender at Chicago's famed "The Violet Hour." The bar was the recipient of the James Beard Foundation's 2015 award for Outstanding Bar Program. In this article, Tyler shares with us his knowledge surrounding tea cocktails. Is there any history to using tea in cocktails? Absolutely! There certainly is old, historical precedent for tea in booze and mixed drinks, dating as far back as 1727. While we don't necessarily see tea in old cocktails or being used in the mixological sense that we think of today, tea [...]

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Drying in Tea Processing

In all of our talk of tea processing thus far, we’ve been dealing with tea leaves that contain some water. In order for processed tea leaves to be shelf-stable, they must be dried. There are two reasons for drying tea though, to dry the leaf, making it shelf stable, and to enhance the flavor. At times, these can be two distinct steps in processing and at other times, it can be seen as more of a continuum, and sometimes teas are only dried for shelf-stability. For our discussion here, I’ll explain each separately. Photo Credit: Michael Petersen, Tealet. Most [...]

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Chemical Compounds in Tea

Tea chemistry is complex. Just how complex? Well, on the bush, tea leaves contain thousands of chemical compounds, when they are processed, these compounds break down, form complexes and form new compounds. When we steep tea leaves, our senses are tingled by the thousands of volatile compounds (collectively known as the “aroma complex”) from the tea liquor and the thousands of non-volatile compounds and the complexes between them, not all of which are water soluble, and the ones that are water soluble are soluble at a function of the properties of the water used for steeping like temperature, total dissolved solids, [...]

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World Tea Expo 2015 Highlights

World Tea Expo here in Long Beach has been a blast! From the moment James Norwood Pratt cut the ribbon, it's been an action packed expo. There were a few stand-out exhibitors and sessions that are worth mentioning but the best part about these events is being together with thousands of fellow tea-lovers. I cover some of my favorite things from the expo below. To see more photos and happenings, check out my Instagram feed. The Need for Standards in Specialty Tea A much anticipated panel moderated by Austin Hodge starring Dan Bolton, Kevin Gascoyne, Jennifer English, Elyse Petersen, and Anshuman Kanoria. [...]

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The Six Immutable Laws of Tea Storage

Storing tea can be very simple. If you keep your tea in an airtight container and then store your container in a dark, cool, dry place free from strong odors, you will likely consume it before you begin to notice any degradation in aroma or taste. Looking a bit deeper into tea storage opens up a bit more complexity and in this article, I break it down for you. When we talk about a tea deteriorating, what do we mean? Mostly oxidation. For teas that are prevented from oxidizing during production (see tea processing chart here), or that are not heavily [...]

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How We Used Tea in Our Wedding Ceremony

Because tea is what brought Katie and I together, we thought we'd use it in our wedding ceremony. Let me explain first how tea brought us together because some people seem to think this kind of thing just doesn't happen. Geoffrey Norman aka "Lazy Literatus" has a "standing 'scientific' theory that tea and dating don't blend." I asked him what he thought of our relationship and he said that it "seems to exist in stubborn defiance of my theory" and that Katie and I must have "sold our souls to Guan Yin... or something equally plausible." All joking aside, Katie was working on [...]

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The Engineer’s Guide to Tea Preparation

The bulk of tea produced in the world is commodity tea, meaning that it is actively traded and it’s price is determined by the markets. Commodity tea is relatively cheap, with the worldwide average price of commodity black tea typically in the area of $2.85USD/kilogram. Many of the world's famous tea cultures1 are famous because they are promulgated by common man and are thus largely based on cheap commodity tea. There is however, a larger amount of high quality tea being produced every year, what some are calling the specialty tea industry. One way to think about the difference between commodity tea [...]

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Fermented Tea Classification

Fermented Teas China Hunan Heicha 湖南 黑茶 Fu Zhuan 茯砖  “Fu Brick” Hua Juan Cha 花卷茶 Qian Liang Cha 千两茶 “Thousand Tael Tea” Bai Liang Cha 百两茶 “Hundred Tael Tea” Shi Liang Cha 十两茶 “Ten Tael Tea” Hua Zhuan 花砖 “Flower Brick” Hei Zhuan 黑砖 "Dark Brick" Xiang Jian 湘尖 “Hunan Tips” Tian Jian 天尖 “Heaven Tips” Gong Jian 贡尖 "Tribute Tips" Sheng Jian 生尖 "Raw Tips" Qu Jiangbo Pian 渠江薄片 "Qu Jiang Thin Slice" (coin-shaped tea) Sichuan Heicha 四川 黑茶 Nan Lu Bian Cha 南路边茶 “South Border Tea” Xi Lu Bian Cha 西路边茶 “West Border Tea” Kang Zhuan 康砖 “Kang Brick” literally [...]

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Übersicht Teeverarbeitung

A German translation of my original tea processing chart. The original processing chart can be found here. German translation courtesy of Thomas Kasper of SiamTeas. Thomas Kasper is known for sourcing pure teas from Thailand. Download a high resolution versions of the chart: [PDF] [JPEG]

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Gráfico de los procesos del té

Gracias a Fernando Enrique Padín Sáez de España por proporcionarme esta traducción al español del gráfico de los procesos del té. Original here. Descargar gráfico de los procesos del té: [PDF] [JPEG] Gráfico de los procesos del té by Tony Gebely is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at worldoftea.org.

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Romanization of Tea Terms

Surprisingly little is understood within the tea industry when it comes to the romanization of tea terms. This to me is troubling because confused tea vendors result in confused tea consumers. Because the Chinese have contributed the bulk of tea knowledge to the world, much of the romanization issues surround Modern Standard Chinese, though I’ll touch on Korean and Japanese as well. Romanization refers to the transliteration of any writing system to the Roman alphabet. It is important to understand the difference between transliteration and translation. Transliteration tells us how to say the other language's word in our own language. Translation gives us [...]

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South Korean Balhyocha & Hwangcha

I recently went down the rabbit hole as they say researching a single topic for my upcoming book on tea. This time the rabbit hole was related to South Korean tea: balhyocha and hwangcha to be exact. Some tea merchants selling the same product will call it hwangcha and some will call it balhyocha. There seems to be no single definition of either of these tea terms and even more disconcerting, neither fits cleanly into standard tea classifications. What follows are excerpts from Matt of the wonderful Mattcha tea blog and discussions I've had with two South Korean tea experts followed by my own take on [...]

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A New Look at Tea Classification

Throughout history, tea has been categorized many ways: by the color of the finished leaves, by the color of the tea liquor, and by the percentage of oxidation the tea leaves have gone through during processing. The goal of categorizing tea is to provide a clear foundation for education by lumping together teas with similar qualities. Each of the above classification methods fall short of providing a method of classification by which all tea styles can be categorized. Classifying teas by the processing methods that created them however, allows us to achieve this goal as tea styles can easily be lumped together [...]

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The Complete Guide to Tea Harvest Times

When tea leaves are harvested depends largely on the region in which they are being grown and can vary from season to season with fluctuations in weather, specifically factors of sunlight, heat, and rainfall. The timing of the harvest is of utmost importance as it can take only a few days for a bud to appear, open up, and grow into a large leaf. Missing the harvest can destroy a crop, as a style of tea may require that only the buds be plucked or that only a certain number of small leaves be plucked after the bud opens. If there [...]

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The United States League of Tea Growers

The United States League of Tea Growers had it's founding meeting on June 8, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the World Tea Expo. The meeting was attended by several tea growers and many influential people in the tea industry. Nigel Melican and Jason McDonald headed up the meeting in hopes to get a group together for: Building up plant husbandry knowledge Developing best practice processing know-how Developing appropriate automation Product and process innovation Trials related to US conditions Access to cultivars specific to US requirements Generic promotion of US grown teas Collaboration and information sharing Access to information resources Development [...]

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