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Rachel Safko is a tea specialist and journalist, who writes about everything from ancient Chinese Yixing teapots to French couture. Some of her most recent features include a cover story about the Swedish art of the coffee break for Edible Manhattan and tea and food pairing for Fresh Cup Magazine. She lives in New York, where she hosts tea tastings with local chefs, restaurants and other culinary experts. Read more at www.rachelsafko.com or follow her on Twitter @rachelsafko for small things you can do to make life more luxurious.

Say Tea (and Cheese)

Watermelon, ice cream, corn on the cob. Check. Cold beer. Fresh-squeezed lemonade. Check. Then there’s hot tea. Probably not the first thing that comes to mind for hot summer days. But it’s a real treat if you stick with lighter white teas, greens and oolongs or Champagne-like Darjeelings. Want to liven up your next barbecue? Try serving tea with just the right cheese and you’ve got a refreshing snack that surprises your guests and takes things up a notch. Most people naturally head for wine or beer with cheese for any occasion—winter, spring, summer or fall. (Indeed, there are lots of [...]

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That’s Amari: An Ancient Love of Herbal Drinks

I loved amari before I even knew what it was. I lived in an old-time New York-Italian neighborhood for ages and sometimes found myself ordering digestifs from dessert menus. It’s what you did. In fact, the tradition of taking amaro after dinner goes back centuries, to a time when people got their medicine straight from the garden, from botanists or the apothecary, usually as a tincture or tea. Most amari taste medicinal and tend to embody the essence of bittersweet. Known to treat everything from stomachaches to cholera, they’re made by infusing brandy or other spirits with herbs, leaves, flowers, roots, [...]

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