About Nishchal Banskota

Nishchal Banskota is the Founder of Nepal Tea which directly brings certified organic teas from Nepal to the American market. After graduating from Colby-Sawyer in 2015, he moved to his homeland, Nepal for almost a year to venture into opening the very first Tea Bar in Nepal with a vision to educate people more on tea and his unique business model. He believes the tea industry to be a social enterprise focusing on people and planet before profit and his mission is to change lives, one cup at a time! Currently, he is running a Kickstarter campaign to expand his social enterprise model and to create an identity for Nepali tea. Follow/Support his campaign!

The Current State of Organic Orthodox Tea in Nepal

Organic Orthodox Tea in Nepal “Chiya khayau? (Did you drink tea?)” No, it’s not intense curiosity about your drinking habits – it’s a colloquial way of greeting people in Nepalese culture. Whether you are strolling around the urban corners of Kathmandu or on your way to experience an adventure in the jagged Himalayan mountains, you are bound to encounter local people engaging in everything from lengthy philosophical conversations to rants about the mundanity of their daily lives over a cup of chiya – tea. Tea is the beverage with which the majority of the people in Nepal prefer to kick off [...]

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