About Nick Westbrook

Nick grew up among the famously sweet, exceptionally tannic, necessarily iced teas of rural Georgia. It was in New York’s East Village, though, where he first fell in love with a proper pot. A writer and longtime professional within the food and beverage industry, he currently resides in sunny Santa Monica, where he continues to passionately imbibe the flavors and fundamentals of oolong, sencha, Darjeeling, Assam, and the rest of the gang. His ongoing projects of passion include a YouTube cooking channel, an online compendium of poetry and short stories, several feature screenplays, and a graphic novel, which he is co-authoring with his best friend.

Tea Geek: A Brief Re-Introduction

My name is Nick and I’m a tea geek—self-proclaimed, perhaps, but self-identified for certain. Admittedly, I’m in no way sure of, nor particularly concerned with the origins of the term, though if it was you who coined it you should stand and take a bow—I’m all about it. Not because I find the G-word so immediately palatable as a card-carrying millennial or because it suggests a certain expertise, but because it draws a welcome distinction from another term that pervades the world of tea at large… tea snob. Some of you are likely craving a nice cold stat right about now, [...]

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