About Eric Scott

Eric Scott is a PhD candidate at Tufts University studying the effects of climate change and insect herbivory on tea quality with previous experience in the tea industry. His work in China is funded by the Tufts Institute for the Environment and the National Science Foundation. You can follow him on Twitter (@aariqscott) or read more about the Tufts Tea & Climate Change Collaborative project at www.teaclimate.org.

Oriental Beauty and Other Bug-Bitten Teas: Fact or Fiction?

When shopping for tea you're bound to come across some pretty bogus sounding marketing claims—tea picked by monkeys, affordable tea from 3000 year old trees, tea that will make you lose weight—so you'd be wise to be skeptical about Oriental Beauty, a so-called “bug-bitten” wulong tea originating in Taiwan. You may have heard that its flavor is owed to damage by a particular insect which starts the oxidation process, and therefore it is always from tea fields that are never sprayed with pesticides. In order to clear up some of the misunderstandings about this tea, we first need a quick primer [...]

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