About Denis Shumakov

More than 25 years of experience in tea and tea promotion. Chairman of Advisory Board of TMC International, judge TMCI 2013-2017. PR-manager, Turquoise Tea Company (since 2004, Russia, Taiwan). Owner and author of Teatips.ru web-site (since 1999, Russia). Co-author in TeatipsBrief news project (since 2017, international, ). Tea and wine consultant at Pokrovki guest house (since 2009, Russia). Member of Editors board of Coffee and Tea International in Russia and Coffee and Tea International magazines (since 2014). Person of the year in Russian tea industry (2013). Author of numerous articles and videos about tea, co-founder and methodologist of a tea school, one of the most well-known tea popularizers in Russia, organizer of tea festivals, working most actively in the sphere of gastronomic tea-drinking.

Teavana, A Distant Analysis

The news that in 2018 Starbucks will close its Teavana shops (more than 350 in all, there is no other such tea chain in the US), raises before tea specialists questions as to why the project is scaled down and how Teavana’s experience can be best utilized. We will try to answer these questions from Russia, relying on the old and established consumer tea culture existing in our country and making analysis based on Teavana’s online store (in this contemplation, we are not touching the issue that Starbucks has sold its other tea brand Tazo to Unilever). It's reasonably safe to [...]

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