About David Lyons

Originally trained as a classical French chef. Then in 1996, a migration to Australia, motivated me to change direction which created an awakening of my passion for tea. Growing up in Lancashire, England, meant tea had always been taken for granted as an everyday part of my life. The following ten years found me wholesaling quality leaf tea to some of Australia's finest restaurants, hotels and cafes, which required a sound knowledge of tea. I moved into retail and spent a further eight years providing customers with quality leaf tea and convincing the Australian public to adopt tea as their beverage of choice. Today, I'm the owner of 18ThirtyFour, a business dedicated to helping people from all walks of life understand, enjoy and appreciate quality leaf tea through education. Providing a consultancy service to newcomers and established tea businesses, plus writing about the precious leaf, is my way of helping promote the drinking of good tea.

Growing Green Tea in Victoria, Australia

For many of us, thoughts of Australia conjure up images of the Sydney Opera House, its world famous harbor and bridge, Bondi Beach or a sunburnt outback with a few kangaroos. Some may have memories of a trip down under, a holiday filled with diversity, sun and sand or maybe you came to study at one of Australia’s many world class universities. For many it’s the trip of a lifetime, and certainly if you’re like me, a life changing trip! But very few remember images of lush green and immaculately manicured tea bushes when thinking about Australia, surely that’s more in line [...]

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Sydney Tea Festival Expands to Melbourne

I ask you – what could be more exciting than announcing a tea festival? Announcing two! In mid-January, I had the privilege of meeting up with co-founders of the Sydney Tea Festival, Corinne Smith owner of Rabbit Hole Tea and Renee Creer owner of Perfect South Tea. As we sat sipping on beautiful teas at Corinne’s own tea establishment, the Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar in Sydney, the girls dropped a bomb shell on me! Sydney Tea Festival was launched in August 2014 and in its first year attracted around 5,500 tea enthusiasts. By August 2015 the Sydney Tea Festival in [...]

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Australia’s Top Tea Houses and Tea Shops

Australia, that land down under, where just about everyone around the world wants to visit, study, work or just hang out! To learn about Australia, researching the guide books is a great way to find out where to visit, what to do and what you can expect to see, plus a few Australianism’s to help you blend in, like - “G’Day Mate.” A list of interesting creatures that you might be better off not playing with, great beaches, ancient mountain ranges, fascinating cities, awesome road trips, lovely locals, and great cafés, what more could you want? Well what about the tea? So we asked the locals [...]

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