About Christina Vasilevski

Christina Vasilevski is a writer and editor in Toronto who reads lots of books, drinks lots of tea, and hoards both. By day she works with companies to create user-friendly content, websites and apps, but in her spare time she reads submissions for the Hugo-award-winning Lightspeed Magazine. Check out her professional page at www.christinavasilevski.com or her review blog www.booksandtea.ca where she reviews — what else? — books and tea.

2016 Toronto Tea Festival Recap

January 30th and 31st, people from across the Greater Toronto Area flocked to see what tea is all about at the 4th annual Toronto Tea Festival. Founded in 2013, the Toronto Tea Festival is the largest event of its kind in Canada, and over 40 different companies showed up to sell their wares. There were independent vendors like festival founder Tao Tea Leaf; the dapper folks behind T by Daniel; newer Toronto-based sellers like Genuine Tea, Chaiwala, and Momo Tea; festival regulars like Capital Teas Limited and Basilur; and the national chain David’s Tea, among others. Ceramics vendors also made an [...]

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