About Andy Kincart

Andy Kincart is co-founder of Eco-Cha Teas. He has been living and studying tea in Taiwan for over 20 years. His research for his MBA in Taiwan was on Eco-Cha as a case study in sustaining the product value and quality of traditional Taiwanese tea. You can follow Eco-Cha's efforts to sustainably represent Taiwan's tea culture here.

Modern Tea Processing Methods In Taiwan

Taiwan has pioneered the innovation of Oolong Tea processing methods from the labor-intensive traditional way to a mechanized, high volume modern tea making procedure. In this post, we’ll introduce the purpose of each step in the processing of Oolong Tea, and the machines that have been invented here in Taiwan over the last 35 years or so to do this work. Solar Withering. Photo by Eric Mah Solar Withering Freshly harvested tea leaves are brought to a tea factory as quickly as possible and are spread out somewhat sparsely on tarps to undergo the first step in processing tea, [...]

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